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Non Slip Quilting Ruler Handle


Sometimes it can be a real challenge to hold your plastic ruler in just the right spot while cutting fabric. But now, there is a great new way to hold your rulers in place, and it makes using them easier and safer than ever before. 

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Introducing the Non-Slip Quilting Ruler Handle, a hand-held accessory that features double suction cups for attaching to rulers or templates. It provides a steady grip on your ruler and keeps your fingers away from the rotary cutting blade while you’re cutting fabrics for quilting, sewing, and crafting projects. This ruler handle makes for a perfect addition to your crafting or sewing kit.

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You can easily hold it in the exact position with gentle downward pressure. Lightweight and comfortable to hold even during the longest cutting sessions. Also, you can get perfectly aligned for a cut, and less likely to ruin your pretty fabric with inaccurate cuts. Get a grip and rule your rulers! 


  • PERFECT & SAFETY ASSISTANCE - Provide a steady grip on your ruler and keep your fingers away from the rotary cutting blade while you’re cutting fabrics for quilting, sewing, and crafting projects.

  • DURABLE: Made of a durable plastic body that is waterproof and hand-washable, so it will look good and work well for lots of projects. 
  • COMPATIBILITY: Work with smooth surface rulers that are at least 4" wide, including most rectangle, square, or triangle shapes.
  • EASY TO USE: Just press the suction cups to any plastic ruler with a smooth solid surface, and then flip the levers to lock.


  1. Flip-up both black levers to release suction cups.
  2. Place ruler grip against the surface.
  3. Gently press down on grip while flipping down both levers.
  4. Position ruler or templates for cutting, and press down on the grip to keep the ruler in place.
  5. To remover ruler grip, flip-up both levers and slide finger under suction cups to break the seal.

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